Cheap Geek Tour
Part 1


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Cheap Geek Tour

Part 1

That's right, it's time for another not-too-dull Robert & Laura Trip Log

You'll remember last year we spent an exciting two weeks cruising the Mediterranean visiting exotic ports of call in far-off lands.

Well, this year…okay, this year, we blew our 2004 vacation money on a grand piano (which cost more than our car, actually). So, after looking at our few meager dollars (which, we reminded ourselves would make us millionaires in Turkey), we decided to scale things back a bit.

We figure, hey, San Francisco is cheap to get to. There's a comic book convention there we haven't experienced yet. That's where they tape Tech TV's Screen Savers. We both think those are pretty cool things. So…

Announcing: The Cheap Geek Tour! Part Uno

(Part Dos is just as geeky but not quite as cheap—in October we plan to attend the Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony at MIT in Cambridge.)

First Day

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