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Hello! And Welcome to the Square State Tour.

Originally, we were going to call this the "Robert visits his sisters tour"--but one of his sisters is dead and we're not sure where she's buried, so that wasn't entirely accurate. And "Robert visits his sisters, but only the living ones" was too long, and didn't flow very well.

We're still going to visit Robert's sisters--who live in Moab, Utah and Amarillo, Texas--we just needed a different name.

After looking at the map for a bit, we were thinking of calling it the "Godforsaken Desert Tour" because it looks like we go through pretty much every stinking desert in the west on the way. But then we noticed that to really go to EVERY desert, we had to actually drive out of our way to go to some deserts and that started seeming kind of dumb.

Finally, still scratching our heads and looking at the map it struck us--we're driving through all those square states in the middle! The Square State Tour! We'll be going through Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico and probably Arizona on the way back (Laura's never seen the Grand Canyon). And, just for a little variety we're throwing in a rhomboid state (Nevada) and a scriggly state (Idaho).

Look at all those square states!

So, welcome to the Square States Tour! From Salem to Amarillo, Texas (with a stop in Moab, Utah) and back in two weeks!

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