The great snowstorm of '08 (Mercer Island)

Gather round, young 'uns and I'll tell you of the great snowstorm of ought eight, when it snowed and snowed and we had to sit inside and drink coffee and surf the net! It was primitive, I'll tell you! Following are some pictures that Robert took, because he's insane and wanted to leave the comfort and security of our home to wander around in the cold. And the usual drill--click on the pictures to see really big versions of them.

From our front door towards the dock--it's snowing!

Laura's awesomeness shines through and blinds the camera

Laura sitting inside all snug and wondering about the sanity of her husband

Our front porch (with bird feeder and wind chimes on the right)

The pathway down to the lake

When I used the flash, it mostly lit up the snowflakes, so I eventually quit using it

Looking towards the house (we're in the basement, with the nice warm light on)

There's a sailboat parked at the dock, but mostly you see snowflakes, because I was still using the flash

View from the dock looking back towards the house

Looking towards the neighbor's houses

Now you can see the sailboat

Guess canoeing season is over, huh?

We were getting really tired of the "reporters" on TV scuffing the snow with their boots and saying, "Gosh, it looks, I don't know, four or five inches I guess." So this is how you do it, guys:

1. Get a ruler
2. Stick it in the snow
3. Look at what it says

This ruler says there were two inches of snow on our front porch

And three inches in the side yard

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