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Well, here's the deal: we both reached a point in our lives where we started asking ourselves: What are we doing? Is this how we want to be remembered--as a couple of people who increased shareholder equity for corporations? Also, where did all this crap come from? Can't we get rid of some of it?

And we reached the point in our careers where we no longer had anything to prove. We're very good at what we do, and we know that. We've had impossible projects thrown at us, and we've completed them. So, what's left?

Basically, sort of a mid-life crisis. But instead of a red sportscar and a 22-year old girlfriend/boyfriend, we decided to do it the hard way:


Get rid of as much of our stuff as we can


Find a job or something where we can use our talents to improve the world, rather than shareholder equity.


Do something different

bullet Write about it, so anybody else thinking about doing this same thing would learn from our mistakes (or maybe call the Ferari dealer...)

So that's what this trip blog is about. Our trip through our own personal mid-life crisis. It's entirely possible that at the end of our year, we'll be screaming, "I want my Barco-Lounger!" and decide that helping poor people sucks and we'll go back to the bosoms of Corporate America and suckle at the flowing money teat until we get planted.

Our usual rules apply:


Once the entry is written, we don't change it. Kinda kills the whole "foreshadowing" thing, but it adds an element of immediacy. We don't know how it turns out, either.

bullet We don't make anything up. The stuff that happens, happens. We leave out boring stuff (which, face it, is most of anybody's life), but we tell the truth about the stuff we include.

If you want to experience the trip logs in real time (as they happen!) you can head over to http://groups.google.com/group/Robert-Laura and sign up for the group to receive e-mails. If you do sign up, you should realize that you won't be able to post to the list. It's an "announcement only" list (keeps the e-mail clutter down) and we're the only ones you'll ever hear from on it.

We generally post about once a week--sometimes we miss a week, if something interesting is happening, we'll post more frequently. When we get around to it, we'll add the postings here and toss in whatever pictures we might have to liven things up.

Mostly, we hope that you'll be inspired to go have your own mid-life crisis. Go make a difference.

Robert & Laura

Robert & Laura