Robert & Laura's Canada Trip

Welcome to Robert & Laura's Canada Trip page. In September of 1996, we took a car trip to Canada. Each day we wrote up our adventures, tried to make them sound interesting and then e-mailed them to our list of fans.

This page collects these reports and also has some pictures we took along the way. Laura's pictures appear in the left column, Robert's pictures in the right column. Click on the thumbnail picture to see a full size picture. (Each full size picture is about 30K.)

Day 1/2
We drive from Seattle up to Vancouver, where we promptly get lost.

Day 1
We travel through the hinterlands of British Columbia, with a stop at the flea market capital of Laidlaw. Today's highlight is the Kamloops Winter Fair.

Day 2
We visit Beardale Castle Miniature World and get caught in a snowstorm in the Canadian Rockies on the first day of Fall.

Day 3
We look at an actual glacier in the Rockies, while looking for unexploded artillery shells. Safely away from the snow and ordnance, we cruise into Calgary, Alberta.

Day 4
In which we finally make it to the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology and look at lots of dinosaur bones.

Day 5
We visit the Calgary Science Museum and learn how to smell like a snake. A quick visit to Vulcan is a highlight of the day, which ends with us getting picked up by a Model T in Fort McLeod.

Day 6
We visit a series of Canadian towns, including Bellevue, Fernie, Cranbrook, and Creston. We finally ease to a stop in Trail, B.C.

Day 7
We search for good coffee in Trail, check out an Outdoor Artifacts Shelter, and make it to the Honeymoon Suite in Osoyoos.

Day 8
We cross the border back into the U.S., get pulled over for speeding, visit a park we paid for, check out a concert, and draw some conclusions about Canada.

Day 9
We don't do anything.

Day 10
We stop for lunch and platitudes in Cle Elum, read our mail, and finally arrive back at our house. Whew!

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