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Good Day, eh?

Oh, wait, that was the last trip.

Buenos Nachos! (Yup, those were sure some good nachos!)

This trip log covers our journey to Juarez, Mexico to build a house. We're not doing this alone (or it would be a sort of anti-aid program). We're going with a group of 18 other folks from our church (Holy Cross, Redmond), most of whom are far more capable than Robert is at building stuff.

Since there's a lot of new people getting these trip logs for the first time, it might be a good idea to explain what's going on.

He's Robert. She's Laura (Hi!). We take trips and write about what happens. There's nothing deeply philosophical about what we write, but because we're about as American as you can get, most folks get a good idea of what to expect if they go someplace exotic--like to visit the World's Largest Lemon.

If you're wondering what to expect, you can visit http://www.wiztext.com/personal to see some of our trip logs from the past (with pictures). And the World's Largest Lemon (it's yellow).

Basically, we try to send out one text-only trip log each day, and we try to keep them short so it doesn't get too boring. We don't make up any of the stuff we talk about, because it's easier to write the truth (often much more bizarre than anything we could think up).

This trip will start on Sunday, Feb 19 at 5:30 AM (yeesh!) and end the following Saturday. Unless something weird happens, which usually doesn't (except the time the cruise ship got a hole in it).